ERP Software Solutions For ManufacturingDecember 18, 2015December 18, 2015Zak

The bread and butter of a manufacturing company will always be its production line, i.e. the shop floor. That said, it is still a business and while the production is the key, another critical aspect is managing resources, materials, purchase orders, supply chain, etc., all of which can be easily accomplished using a manufacturing software, i.e. a ERP solution specific to the manufacturing sector.

There are several options available in the market. The best way to decide on the software is to request a demo. It needs to be comprehensive but not complicated. Next, importantly is the pricing. Lastly, resources – will it take long to streamline all the information, how much time will it take to train personnel in using the software, will you need to hire specialists to take care of certain aspects– all these factor further contribute to the cost and therefore must be factored in when making a choice.